Everest Touch Institute has skillfully developed a select range of educational courses to cater to both the specific goals and general needs of post-SLC students. Basically, our masterly courses provide the most assured pathway for school students aiming to join colleges of repute.

Everest Bridge Course comprises four comprehensive packages:
  1. Advanced Science Course
  2. Entrance Preparation
  3. A-Levels Bridge Course
  4. Advanced Management Course
  • Advanced Science Course (ASC)
    The Advanced Science Course is one of the best-known, most effective, and hugely popular courses of Everest. As science is highly challenging, it requires careful preparation. A science student intending to become a doctor, an engineer, or a scientist has to work really hard to grasp and to master the fundamental concepts of science.
    The Advanced Science Course (ASC) has been specially designed for those students who have appeared in SLC exams and are waiting for their results as they seriously plan an education, and a career, in science.
    This Course comprises two parts: the Foundation Course which fully helps the students to learn the required fundamental, and associated, concepts of science subjects and the Entrance Preparation Course which greatly helps students succeed in the Entrance tests conducted by various sought-after colleges
    Part I    •Physics    •Chemistry    •Botany
    Foundation Course    • Zoology    • Mathematics
    Part II
        • Science    • Mathematics
    Entrance Preparation Course    • English    • GK
  • Entrance Preparation Course (EPC)
    College admission processes are complex and often frustrating. Each college has a unique entrance test with its own requirements. Fierce competition for top-ranking colleges is an inescapable fact as overall educational standards keep moving up. Hence, thorough preparation for these entrance exams is essential. The Entrance Preparation Course suitably builds up the test-taking skills and required knowledge of SLC students seeking admission to reputed colleges:
    •    St. Xavier's Campus, Maitighar
    •    Budhanilkantha School, Kathmandu
    •    SOS Hermann Gmeiner Higher Secondary School, Sanothimi
    The Entrance Preparation Course focuses on frequently asked questions (FAQs) and sample questions in the admission tests of best-known colleges and higher secondary schools. Students need to go through a comprehensive series of practice tests at INTEL. It has been seen that after completing our Entrance Preparation Course, a very large number of our students have been able to get admission to prestigious colleges and to do well in their studies there.

    Entrance Preparation Course program covers the following subject areas:
    •    English      • Science    • Mathematics      • General Knowledge

  • Advanced Management Course (AMC)
    The Advanced Management Course (AMC) is carefully designed for those students whose aim is to become business executives or managers or entrepreneurs.
    The Course intensively focuses on the fundamentals of Accountancy, Mathematics, Economics, Computers, and Business English. Further, the AMC imparts an excellent overview of this exciting and challenging and key field, management.
    Advanced Management Course Program covers
    •    Accountancy      • Business Mathematics
    •    Economics      • Business English      • BOOM
  • A-Levels Bridge Course
    The A-Levels (Advanced Levels showing proficiency in particular subjects in pre-university education) is the 'gold standard' of CIE (Cambridge International Examinations) qualifications.
    The A-Levels Bridge Course has been specially designed for SLC students waiting for their results and intending to do A-Levels. The curriculum is structured so that students attain both the practical skills and theoretical knowledge necessary for doing well in the entrance tests they may need to face and for the educational input useful to them when they actually do their A-Levels.

    The A-Levels Bridge Course program comprises:
    Part -I (Foundation Course): Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics, and English
    Part-II (Entrance Preparation Course): Science, Mathematics, English, and GK