This is a 4 years course after +2 of diploma in Pharmacy. Pharmacy deals with manufacturing
distribution and clinical application of drugs. A lot of researches these days direct us towards
finding of new drugs for treatment of thousands of ailments. Improvement of the existing drug is
another discipline. A medical doctor can do nothing without the help of efficient medicine.
B Pharma graduate can get a handsome job in pharmaceutical company, Nepal Drug Ltd.
Pharmacy department of secondary and tertiary hospitals, start own business or may go abroad
for further study or jobs. After completion of master degree you may get a job in private medical
college as a lecturer.

Seats for scholarships are:

IQM Maharajgunj:
Science stream5, Health science-5, Excnt Aswin, ExcmF orinc*: PCB:50
General health: 25 Pharmacy:25, Indian Embassy: 10 seats
Eligibility: 60% in PCB, Exam: April, Eacm Format: PCBEM 120
Exam Format; Pass mark necessary in English but marks not counted.

In Self F inance:
I QM there are 5 seats for science stream and 5 for health science stream. Exam schedule and
format is same as that for scholarship. Total Tuition fee is Rs. 5 lakhs excluding exam fees, hostel
and food. There are 2 other private colleges under TU which requires passing the same IOM
exam for admission.

Kathmandu University:
There are 40 seats, exam is held in Shrawan, Entrance test comprises PCBEM (TOO), B. Pharma
of KU is regarded as the best among all but entry is not easy.

Pokhara University:
Exam is usually held in Bhadra and format consists of E BME (ISO). There are 2 colleges under
this university with total seats 70.

Purbanchal University:
There are 8 colleges. Entrance test is usually held in Aswin and format contains PCBHE (ISO).
As numbers of seats are high, selection in the entrance is not difficult.

Indian Colleges

Some students choose Indian Colleges of Delhi, Dehradun and Bangalore. Total Cost of education
is nearly half lower than private colleges of Nepal and payment is divided equally into 8 semesters.
Some seats are already reserved & booked by Everest Touch Institute (ETI) and there are few of
partial scholarship seats reserved to meritous students for the bast and renowned colleges in
Banglore and Dehradun. Rajiv Gandhi University of Karnataka State (Banglore) is recognized
as one of the best college in India and many nepalese prefer to study B.Sc. Nursing, M.Sc. Nursing,
BDS, BE, BBA, MBA there.